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Employment Law

Protecting employee and employer rights
Lawrence Coulter, Employment Lawyer

Employment Law


Employee Rights

Wrongful Termination

Severance Pay

Human Rights

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Lawrence Coulter of Milne Selkirk, is a highly experienced British Columbia employment Lawyer.
Serving Lower mainland BC (Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford and Vancouver)

I understand that if you are dismissed from your job it can be very traumatic, whether you have been wrongfully terminated or feel that certain of your employee rights have been wrongfully terminated.

Our employment lawyers are experienced legal counsel and can help restore your employee rights.

Whether you are the victim of sexual harassment in the work place, racial discrimination, fired without  cause, or other injustice,
Milne Selkirk can help protect your employee rights.

Our attorneys are well versed in the Employment Standards Act, Canada Labour Code, Human Rights complaints and similar issues.

Employment law for 
BC business

Learn how to protect your business from wrongful dismissal law suits.

Talk to our lawyers about developing policy and company standards regarding harassment, sexual harassment, employee rights and privacy. 

Our employment attorneys can help your business avoid costly and damaging wrongful dismissal or harassment law suits, brought by employees and executives.


Please see our Employment Law articles & Info for guidance on specific issues.

Employment Law

Our Employment Lawyers 
are experienced in

Employee Rights in BC

Wrongful termination
Severance pay issues
Wrongful dismissal 
Employee privacy rights
Harassment in the workplace

Employment Law for 
British Columbia Business

Constructive dismissal / discharge
Employment termination
Labour and employment law
Employment Standards Act
Canada Labour Code
Human Rights Issues

Wrongful Dismissal

damage claims, defence


Standards Act

compliance, appeals


Canada Labour Code

rights, appeals

Human Rights Issues

Recent cases

Fired Senior Manager



Employee wrongfully dismissed in Alberta

BLAISE REDDY (Plaintiff) vs. 49 NORTH FORWARDING LTD (Defendant)


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